Leah Burman Associates

Leah Burman Associates are a team of educational and child psychologists with over 30 years’ experience. An educational psychologist is trained in child development and aims to enhance a child’s learning and / or their social and emotional skills.

About us

Leah Burman Associates are a team of educational psychologists who are qualified to work with children and young people (ages 0-25), their families, their nurseries, schools and colleges. We also work with local authorities and charities and are also able to offer adult assessments.

We use a range of techniques to put together a picture of a child’s strengths and areas of development and identify solutions and strategies to help children reach their potential.

Why an EP?

Why would I seek advice from an Educational Psychologist?

We are approached to offer advice and assessments to parents, schools and other professionals in relation to a range of special educational needs.


Leah Burman Associates can provide advice in a number of ways. Our consultation process usually starts with an initial telephone discussion (free of charge) in order to help determine what should be done next.

We work with families, children and educational settings in different ways in order to gain a better understanding of every child. We support academic, social, emotional and/or behavioural development.

child sat at a table writing

School & Educational Settings

group of children at school

We work closely with schools and educational settings. We understand that schools work differently and therefore work flexibly in order to meet each school’s needs.